Friday, 23 November 2012

Crochet Crush

Though the needle of the title is a reference to my new love sewing, it is the hook that I took to first.

(It is very tricky to find a hooking related blog title that does not encourage unwanted traffic.)

Yes hookery. It has been a mere two years since I've been Hooked (ok yes I did consider that one). There were unfortunate beginnings...frustrated diagram interpretation, a headache-inducing back of a car teaching session from my dear Mum (we do not do well as a teacher-pupil combo).

But then joy of joys, a friend of a friend began running intimate crochet courses in a cafe round the corner. Enticed not least by the funky name Michelle chose for herself, Get yer balls out (a tricky one to google), my hooky adventure began in ernest. My initial lessons were followed by a mini cafe crochet group on a monday morning which just happened to be my day off. They were mighty fine those winter mornings of 2010.

The initial allure was the not so humble granny square blanket. I wanted for myself a black and neon multicoloured comfort blanket (you'll see inspiration from Lafayette of True Blood).

My first crochet inspiration

But as soon as Michelle handed out tiny prespun balls of Louisa Harding gorgeousness, my head was turned firmly in the direction of good quality yarn. The neon colours were soon forgotten, replaced by soft scrummy finance draining merino wool beauties.

Michelle landed a job in Edinburgh, so she being the glue of the cafe group, my monday morning meetups faded away. That same winter of 2010 I also began brewing up a bean that became the 16 month dynamo we have in our midst today. She is my Reet Petite, the finest girl I ever want to meet.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Blog 1

Ah, my own blog.

Tis been on my mind of late to get involved.

The title has been lurking at the head of my blogger for some time, instructing me to post, post, so here we have it.

I'd like to share my makes, be it crochet, be it sewing, be it whatever new interest crops up. This is a place to keep my newly found creative loves together.

Plans, passions, production, pictures...I do love a bit of alliteration.

This is what I want to share.