Thursday, 4 July 2013

Who cares that it's summer

In a bid to get my blogging kick-started, I have attempted to ride on the coat-tails of other bloggers and their inspiring ideas. So far this year I have:

1  Joined in with Jungle January
2 Signed up with a Sewlution
3 Pledged to be part of Me Made May
4 Took part in Kestral's Spring Sewing Swop

And you know what? I've managed to do them all, including completing my Sewlution, even before the year was half way through.

But have I managed to blog about any of it?

Hmm, not so much.

So in remedy to that I present my Spring Sewing Swop in... eh, hum... Summer!

I was partnered with the very sweet Debbie of Minnado's House. I didn't know of Debbie's blog before the swop but I'm very happy to have discovered this lovely creative lady (even if it does cause me shame that she can be so productive with 3 bouncing beans and I have a lowly 1).

Debbie had a bit of a challenge on her hands to pick items that she thought I would like with the whole 10 posts I have managed. But she did oh so well.

A hand-drawn card. And a box of surprises. Better than christmas!

Each item cleverly wrapped in word-search paper, highlighted with TITS! Oh wait its sewing terminology. So clever!

And here's the goodies. 

Beautiful crochet trim, I'm seeking the right project to do this justice but my initial thoughts are to use it as straps on a dress/top/pj's. It's lovely, and there's loads, about 3 metres of it.

Funky leopard print bias binding. She knows I'm an animal print convert.

Totally cool Parisian themed cotton fabric. Such lovely quality. I need to find the right project for this. I would love to eke out a summer pj set from it. 

Toffee and sea salt chocolate... you bet your ass that baby is demolished (and sitting on my ass).

And probably my favourite bit.. a funky 1970's skirt patten. Look at those pockets on view 1, how cool are they! Though I just love the waistband and the styling of view 3. 

Thank you Debbie! And thanks to Kerry for organising.