Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Back into production mode

Pre summer I was getting a bit of a knit on and quite enjoying it. But with twins due in the family I needed to return to the craft that I'm quick and comfortable with. To the warm embrace of crocheted blankets. 

And then it was summer and there was actual heat. 

Its been a bit of a slow process. 

The gender of the babies wasn't known when the wool was ordered so I tried to pick a gender neutral pallette for both. I started with the squares (Little Tin Bird's Elmer squares) which whizzed up in no time but wanted a change of scene for the second blanket so returned to Lucy's Granny Stripe pattern. The yarn was gorgeous, Drops Baby Merino. Brilliant value and a brilliant colour range (I can highly recommend the company I ordered from, Wool Warehouse, I ran out of yarn after the first blanket so ordered twice and on both occasions they were really speedy with their delivery and a bonus free gift both times too!).

The blankets were begun in June, the month the babies arrived, and were presented a few days ago. They are not huge in size, suitable for the pram, but seemed to take forever, I blame the 4 ply. Besides, they're a bit warm for summer use so I justify the delay with the excuse they are much more suited to autumn. (Oh and maybe you can guess from the borders that the cute recipients were a perfect boy and girl!)

So after a lazy summer, within the last two weeks I have managed to make a cowl, a hat, sew up some knitted mittens and make progress with my daughter's knitted cardigan. And today I even finished sewing a top... I'll save that for another post though when the Glasgow gloom lifts long enough for photos.