Monday, 21 January 2013

Aye or naw

A week ago, with some time to myself during nap time, I found myself in Pierrot et Coco. Pierrot et Coco is an incredibly sweet little shop, and with what they lack in size, they make up for amply with amazing taste. They manage to stock a variety of desirable objects, including - jewellery, homewares, stationary, art and kids stuff; a mini kooky department store. My husband has been instructed on more than one occasion that if he needs to buy me a gift, then he will do well to take a spin to P et C. As may come up in future on this blog, I have a bit of a thing for France and when I first entered the doors it was if I had gone into a little shop in Paris. Not knocking my local corner of the world, but it was definitely quite surprising. Montmartre, it ain't.

As if they couldn't read my mind any better (and yours, sewing fan), under the counter they have a small but perfect selection of haberdashery. Ribbons, trims and buttons, like everything else beautifully packaged and displayed. There is a short bio of the owner couple on the website, and as they used to be fashion designers I guess haberdashery has a natural inclusion in their boutique. 

This recent visit was planned to buy a bracelet in the sale... I'd spotted the bracelet as it matches a locket my husband bought for our first anniversary, as chance would have it, in Paris, and also to pick up some more Monty Bojangles Sea Salt Butterscotch truffles (ooh get a mouthful of that one!). A box for my Mum and a box for us, after we scoffed the last lot in an embarrassingly short space of time.

Help me mama, these are gooood
I seem to have a bit of a thing for salt chocolate, my last Official Favourite Chocolate in the World Rococo Salt chocolate has been recently replaced by Monty Bojangles and jings! its available in walking distance. Having said all this, I'm not above combining crisps and chocolate in one mouthful to get the same salt and chocolate hit. Hula hoops and a Crunchie, don't knock it till you try it. 

The posh version of crisps and chocolate 

So, bracelet and truffles procured, I was made aware of a newly stocked necklace. The owners have christened it the Aye or Naw necklace.

If you haven't cottoned on to the local Glaswegian banter, then that translates to Yes or No, the pendant spins from an open to closed eye. Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to perturb my future patients in my official capacity as an eye poker (optician is my day job), I couldn't resist. Now that I've worn it a few times, I'm not sure that it doesn't have the look of the occult! Ah well, my daughter loves it as I knew she would...she never misses an opportunity to poke people in the eyes if she gets the opportunity. Gawd bless her, maybe she too will have a future as an eye poker.

If this post is sounding like its sponsored, it really isn't. But its run by lovely people and is an asset to my local community. And as I'm passionate about small enterprises, I'd like to spread the word on its existence. One of the best things about blogs in my mind is reading about places you would never ordinarily hear about. And better still, they're online!

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  1. Your an optician!?!? That necklace is definitely for you, then! :)